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Does the world need Social Betting?

November 23, 2016 BY SuperBoy
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Does the world need Social Betting?


The online world is bringing people closer and closer every day. The information flow is unlike anything we have seen in previous years. Everything is accessible at the click of a button. In sports betting, the interpretation of free flow online information is in the base of every calculated betting decision made by customers worldwide. Every smart sports punter knows that the more information you gather on a fixture you plan on betting on, whether statistical or theoretical, the more likely you are to place the correct choice.
And what type of information is better than the voice of the very same people you bet along side with?

They talk alright...

Everyone who bets sports, love talking about sports. It's indisputable. Making arguments and forming opinions are facts of life in this industry and everyone wants to be heard and approved by his fellow peers. Because of this basic fact, the internet is packed with countless websites who give out an overflow of theoretical information created by sporting minds throughout the world. Good, solid information that can help punters make the difference when it comes to picking a winner. Social websites are at their peak of success, leading the internet's core of information and social betting is a growing phenomenon in need that for some reason eluded the business flow of the largest sports betting bookies out there.

So it's not out there?

Bizarrely, the online betting world, especially bookies, has failed to integrate this important type of information into mainstream conception in regard to sports betting. There is no room for the sole punter to feel like he is a part of something larger than just his own individual bet. The current presentation in most bookie websites consists of so many numbers, headers and betting choices without taking into consideration the everyday's punter ambition to make his betting habits feel as enjoyable as possible by sharing those feelings with the rest of the betting world. The need for such a website has resulted in punters being thrown into the internet and forced to search themselves for a way to express themselves and be enlightened by others.

So what is out there?

For the exception of WINPREDICT, none of the betting platforms out there have taken this important piece of the puzzle, and gave it a place of real importance on their betting platforms. Not only does WINPREDICT offers the average punter proven statistical information about others like him, they are keen on giving the world what it truly needs. A true social betting platform!

This world needs Social Betting. It's that simple.

BY Tal Ginzborsky
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